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New York does Christmas so well...

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3026 days ago

New York does Christmas so well...


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ConfuzzledZebra 2955 days ago

is it '50s night or something

vicky_baldwin 2956 days ago


cori_sangster 2957 days ago

my friend went to NY..and all she bought me back was a Bloomingdales Plastic bag.. :0(

stefk16 2965 days ago

hope it's this impressive when I go in June :)

Ceri_O 2970 days ago

oh, I love it!

nahatsu 2991 days ago

WONDERFUL! Just love the `old world' charm of this...great photo Mr.Fry!

ockgal 3024 days ago

Oh, fine. Go to NY and don't swing by Maryland to sweep me off to see Liza at the Palace. *shakes fist*

yeahyeahyeah909 3025 days ago

They certainly do it better than my humble home city of Perth, Western Australia =) We have large fake snow flakes hanging across the streets and a couple of trees. That's about it. Funny about the snow flakes too as we don't get snow >_> Thanks for shari

Afterkate 3025 days ago

My goodness I am jealous, I haven't been to NYC around Christmas in years! I'm from Washington, DC, but NYC sticks with you so firmly that this picture makes me nearly feel homesick!

eveley 3026 days ago

Now that is truly charmingly retro :v

Fryphile 3026 days ago

Many thanks and many hugs for sharing your pictures with us. *thankthankthank* *hughughug*

__luke 3026 days ago

So charming! My sister & I are in New York at the moment as well - certainly colder today, especially on the Staten Island ferry crossing! You have to do the Top of The Rock if you have time. Hope you're enjoying the city's charms as much as we are x