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2598 days ago


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pop_t_arts 2597 days ago

actually, the inbreeding problem is very valid. if you wiki founder effect, I'm sure it'll explain it better than I can. But basically with 8 NW rinos left, there will be limited genetic material, so any genetic defects will be magnified. Also rinos are s

DavidTennant4ev 2597 days ago

oh my golly gosh!! are you trying to say there's only 8 of them left!! :( that's so sad

rapidmare 2598 days ago

oh what i would give to see and help one of those gorgeous creatures!

AliceER 2598 days ago

Is it worth conserving any creature at the expense of the individual welfare? Just a question...

Tequesta89 2598 days ago

What a damn shame...

XKezza_HallettX 2598 days ago

hey, u couldnt give me 1 of those for xmas please???

davidgoldy 2598 days ago

Did we not start with Adam & Eve ? it sure was not Adam & Steve

simon_watkins 2598 days ago

For instance, the entire population of rabbits in Australia was spawned from a very limited sample introduced and allowed to 'go forth an multiply', though, with less than savoury results for the local flora and fauna.

simon_watkins 2598 days ago

You're not necessarily correct on the inbreeding front. The minimum you need to propagate a species is (obviously) just two - one of each sex. Yes, inbreeding is a problem, and more variance the better, but eventually you'll build up a gene pool again.

daendals 2598 days ago

But how are they suppose to breed when there's a fence between them?

Wogan121 2598 days ago

It was proven that all cheetahs come from the same family as the population dropped below a 100 or something. Theres always hope. Inbreeding ftw

KChavda 2598 days ago

So strong and primordial-ish! Still, driven to extinction by us, greedy humans. :(

Dawney_44 2598 days ago

beautiful creatures...

konasquareheed 2598 days ago

but thats only 2 ?

VesselinaTP 2598 days ago

A shame for our species... #northernwhiterhino

r4i7 2598 days ago

Unfortunately if there's only a handful left whatever breeding scheme was implemented there's only so far it can go before inbreeding... and that would make things worse. Surely?

OzoneVibe 2598 days ago

My! Anything that horny should have no problems procreating!
Such a shame what we are doing to our beautiful planet. Brilliant you bringing thses things to the attention of the world. Thanks!

dayallnash 2598 days ago

this is depressing.

isJohnny 2598 days ago

Oh dear, they should breed or something D: