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2660 days ago


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ManicCJ 2656 days ago

So gorgeous. Rhinos are my kind of animal. Have many ornaments! Wish I could have been there.

MelissOlds05 2657 days ago

"There's a sort of a tiny potamus, and a tiny nosserus too -" -A.A. Milne

lonelyaesthetic 2658 days ago

*wants a baby rhino* *wonder where I could keep it!?*

helengeekpocket 2659 days ago

so tiny! very cute long do Rhino's live? ... to google!

Ais_Doyle 2659 days ago

Aw, so cute Stephen! Take me to see the animals next time,please!

Kayla_29992 2659 days ago

i would love to travel to see these in the wild :) must be such an amazing experience even to see them there let alone in the wild :)

ADVaz 2659 days ago

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. Good Lord, Stehen Fry has turned me into a jelly mix of toffee ans marshmallows... :D

trazjaxor 2659 days ago

such wondrous creatures, maybe thats one of the reasons we came into this world to see such immense beauty while it is still here

twatsmaketwitts 2659 days ago

People complaining about the concrete, that rhino wouldn't be there without human intervention. Cute is a terrible word.

zyloyu 2660 days ago

aw! how cute!

lmcbrinn 2660 days ago

ah so cute! Wouldnt tackle the mum thou...

PinkPalomino 2660 days ago

Makes me want to cuddle the ugly little thing.

JacobT09 2660 days ago

What a lovely photo, it's rather sad to see them cooped up in a small room. Well I suppose at least some people are trying to conserve them

rapidmare 2660 days ago

oh wow, thats incredible

Amers1229 2660 days ago

Yay furry ears!!

Prof_Plum 2660 days ago

Baby Rhino and lot's of salad on the floor

Fuddleducker 2660 days ago

If this is what a Bohemian lifestyle represents, it's not for me.

Prof_Plum 2660 days ago

Hannibal the Rhino cannibal gets ready for lunch

rustykittens 2660 days ago


xavierboucherat 2660 days ago

I see somebody has beat me to a pun on horny. Oh well.