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VesselinaTP 2657 days ago

Fascinating... that #Orwell fellow would be trilled

NaveaLyeon 2657 days ago

Someone must have a LOT of time on their hands...why? O.O It is impressive though to write that small

AxmxZ 2658 days ago

The only way this could be more impressive would be if they found that hair already growing like that on one of the balding pates at the Centre. :)

ChefBorjan 2658 days ago

And I was impressed once by getting my name written on a piece of rice one time...

Glynn51 2658 days ago

How cool is that - I want one, please

michael_elliott 2658 days ago

anyways we're showing kids sand frm around world under microscopes&manmade coated sand. got sand from "fluffettes"

michael_elliott 2658 days ago

i showed her. she said she's gonna put a hair under a piece of tape & lie. i frowned. lying to kids. RLY!

michael_elliott 2658 days ago

ooh i will show this to my boss!! my nonprofit's doing a nanotech unit for fourth graders this spring.

simonmarks100 2658 days ago

what kind of hair?

devildesigner 2658 days ago

I'm going to ask them if they want my voice for an over in return for a golden hair thankyou

ShangriLau 2658 days ago

Make sure you don't spend it by mistake!

WilliamPoel 2658 days ago

Oh dear. Please make sure that the nanny state will not be permitted to use this technology to track its citizens. Just imagine your ID number being carved in a corner of your retina at birth...

LittleEllen02 2658 days ago

That is the most extraordonary thing I've seen (or heard of) in a very very long time! I'm absolutely stunned, and this again prooves that I know too little of the world. Absolutely marvellous.

Dumplin75 2658 days ago

Wow that's pretty cool.

dafadowndilly 2658 days ago

Who's hair?

sebastianflyte 2658 days ago

wow! that is bloody impressive!