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Fourth attempt at posting it in portrait

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2594 days ago

Fourth attempt at posting it in portrait


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Honor_Victoria 2591 days ago

The mug says "I'm no mug" - I only know because we have several of them in the staff room at work, sadly not because I was there sharing tea with the fabulous Mr Fry...

nongenderous 2594 days ago

Slightly off topic, but I'm trying to figure out what's written on 's mug.

glueyourfingers 2594 days ago

Sorry to whoever's circle my tea tag obscured! D:

marshmallowpie 2594 days ago

I'll just say it again: You really are lovely. I'm so happy you like it!! We all had such fun making those cards. :)

marshmallowpie 2594 days ago

OOPS. Sorry, accidentally left that last comment with my sister's name since I'm on her computer :)

puppet_string 2594 days ago

You really are lovely. I'm so happy you like it!! We all had such fun making those cards. :)

lonelyaesthetic 2594 days ago

Note to self: my pay attention to on going projects and sign up in time. Well done #fluffettes 'tis a masterpiece :)

glueyourfingers 2594 days ago

YAYYYYY!!! I'm so delighted you got it! Mine's the one with the tea tag ;)

DesmoidSurvivor 2594 days ago

Yay fluffettes! Success! Mine is all text compared to all the lovely other fluffettes but I lack creativity. Good job everyone! Glad you like it Stephen!

dreamingshadow 2594 days ago

I've just been staring at this for about 2 hours, lol. (I was doing other things too...;). I can't believe it's there and you like it and you twitpiced it! It's amazing! Only a few moons ago it was in my house!! XD. You're amazing Stephen. xxx

nongenderous 2594 days ago

I didn't join this project, sadly. Hope the letter and card make up for it.

inckognito 2594 days ago

Just spotted mine!!! Stephen, one more Russian doll 4u, honey :P xxx

tuimonkey 2594 days ago

Bahahaha that will be me ;)) LoL
It looks so great, delighted you like it Mr Fry XxXx

intheglow 2594 days ago

Oh wow, Stephen! I'm SO glad you like it. You're absolutely wonderful, have a BRILLIANT Christmas! :D xxxxxxxx

Ronat 2594 days ago

Very hurt at not knowing about this project, and not able to contribute as a result-who are you, fluffettes, and may I join you?? Anyhoo, you got my card-Rona x

taluta 2594 days ago

Gosh, they look lovely all shining with fluffy love & Christmas joy :D xxx

michael_elliott 2594 days ago

HEY! i can see mine, and now wveryone else's!!! who put norwich canaries and a whale! lol!

Soph_Ichigo 2594 days ago

Oh my gosh, Stephen! :D I am SO thrilled you liked our christmas present so much to show the rest of the twittersphere! I made the star too. *proud beam* ; ] xxxx

striped_mouse 2594 days ago

I'm so happy you like your Christmas tree! A billion kisses to you, dear Stephen! xxx

frogst 2594 days ago

omg, guys, what ideas and what execution you're able to coordinate! I love it with my completeness!!!