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2594 days ago


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06awilliams 2516 days ago

loving the stripes and green jumper

Le_Ferret_2011 2545 days ago

totally agree nice gloves

emabo 2553 days ago

Great gloves Mr Fry. Great idea to use fingerless

Rather_Odd 2560 days ago

loving the gloves :)

Non_Ministrari 2590 days ago

These are all I've asked for for Christmas. I didn't foresee this problem, as it is my first Winter with my iPhone, but cut-off gloves are really necessary!

TrudyCraig 2590 days ago

Gloves indoors! pop the heating on dear.

LacieStreudel 2591 days ago

I love those gloves! Hands stay warm AND you can use your ipod/iphone.

flopsy_mrs 2593 days ago

cool gluves :)

likeyellowlemon 2593 days ago

I want a pair but those gloves are darn expensive!

sellfishvicki 2594 days ago

Nobody works with wet fish anymore. They may look lovely but no use in my world. What would you buy me?

KChavda 2594 days ago

OMG, your gloves are so cool! :)

ttilmo 2594 days ago

oh will i ever be able to afford an iphone. so jealous and the gloves are nice too :)

caza22 2594 days ago

i could do with some of those for work! then i can keep warm while mucking out, whilst still being able to use my i pod and tack up the horses! *wants*

Gluben 2594 days ago

So if there was a dance move based on these so-called "glubs", could I call it the Gluben?

sebastianflyte 2594 days ago

Glubs, Gluben dear are fingerless gloves. Stephen Frys glubs are divine.

Gluben 2594 days ago

You called, Sebastian? :p

Gluben 2594 days ago

You called, Sebastian :p

sebastianflyte 2594 days ago


Soph_Ichigo 2594 days ago

Those are handy. ; ] (Terrible pun) Looks like you have the same iPhone cover as me, power support air jacket(what a name..), very nice gloves though! x

Dumplin75 2594 days ago

And makes bugger picking easier too :)