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1982 days ago


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chrismarques 1974 days ago

OMG! That's sooooooo cute!!!!

TrudyCraig 1979 days ago

ahh sweet

washmysocks31 1979 days ago

You're a a bad,bad influence. You made me do it and I'm a great grandmother!

blueishgreykitt 1980 days ago

TYTY for sharing the Pocoyoize link! I love the show almost as much as my 2-yo does!

msresearch 1980 days ago

ah, even more amusing, click on rotate photo! Stephen goes to the gym!

The_Only_Smurf 1981 days ago

Stephen! It's you! xxx

The_Only_Smurf 1981 days ago

Stephen! It's you! xxx

MainStreetCurio 1981 days ago

Needs a bigger nose.

maribyla1 1981 days ago

He doesn't look like you one bit...well, the hair is quite similar to yours but no, you look better than that, definitely :)

iazhooley 1982 days ago

amazing, i love it!

MurphyC0 1982 days ago

Love it!

fluffybex 1982 days ago

Hahaha nice one. Who you poking your tongue out at? lol

MusicalLottie 1982 days ago

Fantastic! I love Pocoyo! My excuse is that I analyse how it's educational, but really I'm just a kid ...

fluffypunkfairy 1982 days ago

i've done it too i look so cute even if i say so myself

nrepka 1982 days ago

Almost as cute as this -

Dominiquetd 1982 days ago

Cool. I've just done it too! Love that cartoon!

iansteer 1982 days ago

I so want to try this oh why oh why isn't there flash on the iPhone

firetitter 1982 days ago

very good mr fry.just poco'd

ka__kokovikou 1982 days ago

omg! We have the same eyes!

marshmallowpie 1982 days ago

Lovely ♥