Chris Packham


Naturalist and BBC broadcaster

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1982 days ago

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healing_paths 1977 days ago

ANY pet is for life. It's a shame we need stickers on cars to tell others this. May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter. *Merry Christmas Mr. Packham*

Bluewalc 1979 days ago

Colour doesn't even match the car!!

LynneeSharpe 1981 days ago

A dog has a life and is not for your chintzmas

00spiltmilk00 1982 days ago

There not for dressing up like tits, either. Justsayinwhatisee.

EmyjaneSkylark 1982 days ago

I don't understand why there's such an obsession to dress dogs up in ridiculous clothes - that poor dog has a thick enough coat as it is, it doesn't need that extra jumper! And def not in THAT colour either!!!

Aislingnherc 1982 days ago

That dog looks very embarrassed. Maybe pinks not it's colour.

KittiwakeNature 1982 days ago

..a dog also, has tastes in knitwear..does anybody care i hate this? NO!..

Pol_T 1982 days ago

I must buy my dog a posh coat this winter. I promise him one every year buy have yet to carry out that promise. Cute Poodle.

lmp321 1982 days ago

Excellent! And so true!