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beatlesgirl31 2340 days ago

Shakespeare complete with grammar problems? There's an app for that.

saikokakabadze 2377 days ago

OK, finally I got it!!! "Proofreaded" is not right, it must be written "Proofread"!!! It took me a minute or two, because all my russian friends write with SO MANY mistakes, even on Russian

tonymarsh 2379 days ago

"Me fail English? That's unpossible"

Marilynn 2381 days ago

As a proof'der I am horrified...

Kiwilolo 2382 days ago

Unbelievably brilliant.

ohlookitsMatty 2382 days ago

hahaha, good thing I didnt update mine // Gods knowns what could have happened -M

oceanlaughter 2382 days ago

scordale... lol.. proofread your's Bangalore.. now Bengaluru. Love the use of proofreaded! New word coined.

scordale 2382 days ago

How many joints and kebabs had the editor had? Oh I know it was Proofreaded in Bangalor like my bank call centre!!

scordale 2382 days ago

My cousin prof of Chemistry used to say my spelling was 'Shakespearean' but it wasn't THAT bad!

alanmort 2382 days ago

Shakespeare would have spelt his name, not spelled it.

dermotwhite 2382 days ago

Could Shakespeare spell Shakespeare?

Pilaf123 2383 days ago

"Compatability fixes?" Lol. Seems like someone needs to have proofreaded their work.

wildcatgd 2383 days ago


felixtrench 2383 days ago

"proofread'd" surely.

AlcatFiveZeroUK 2383 days ago

er? yeah right! the mind boggles !

DanKing_IRL 2383 days ago

Oh dear! LOL

Steve_Ince 2383 days ago

Shakespeare according to Bush?

terry_reader45 2383 days ago


krzyart 2383 days ago

At least they spelled Shakespeare correctly...

ireneirm 2383 days ago

Great English. Made me giggle. Love this tweet! Keep bring this stuff Stephen.