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Kenya: dawn yesterday - how different from London: dawn today.

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2654 days ago

Kenya: dawn yesterday - how different from London: dawn today.


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LittleEllen02 2651 days ago

Utterly beautiful

MarkAntolak 2652 days ago

Correct, they are just different.

margaretshields 2653 days ago

Wow, what a breathtaking sight! Sometimes its hard to believe we are on the same planet.

88pc 2653 days ago

Because, bambideer, human development has not yet taken hold. That is why they are such beautiful countries.

BoxiLady 2653 days ago

Why are beautiful countries mainly poor?

bopper63 2654 days ago

you are so lucky Mr Fry . Kenya and moscow are on my " to go to " list

StLouisMan2 2654 days ago

Oh very nice! The giraffes are less numerous in London?

themightysven 2654 days ago


mrsthing 2654 days ago

Looks much like dawn in Connecticut, except for the giraffes. Beautiful photo!

lonelyaesthetic 2654 days ago

the giraffes look so ghostly, beautiful photo. Have you been getting tips from Mark? ;)

mustelidmama 2654 days ago

Ah, a snow-free landscape. Beautiful!

GazzaBazzaPussy 2654 days ago

They're the ones with the black and white stripes, right?

DawnLizzyR 2654 days ago

So Beautiful & free. Thank you Stephen.x

SCB65 2654 days ago

I would love to see a Kenya dawn however not that easy in a wheelchair. Maybe I should set up my own tour for differently abbled people!! Great photo feels unreal.

jalopino 2654 days ago

absolutely breathtaking - love giraffes, they have such elegant long necks :-) - thank you!

hannah_oconnor 2654 days ago

Gorgeous!!! WOW!

Jemppu 2654 days ago


PamelaPurple 2654 days ago

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to more about Kenya.

warmgulfwind 2654 days ago

I got chills. Stunning.

glueyourfingers 2654 days ago

oh goodness I would like one please