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Went clay pigeon shooting today. Such larks. F-f-f-freezing though.

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2682 days ago

Went clay pigeon shooting today. Such larks. F-f-f-freezing though.


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michael_elliott 2679 days ago

can you make that your new avatar? ;-)

sharnad 2679 days ago

Over and Under are better for clay shooting and side by side for for birds Did you hit much


SAYS Nice photo just watch out for Charlie Crow if he is about

paparazzibuddha 2680 days ago

Is that a gun...or are you just pleased to see us?

nicholasgordon 2680 days ago

Re a previous comment: O/Us are now a very common site on even the best shoots, many people prefer that barrel configuration. I do like to see a quality S/S in action though, more in keeping with the old ways; but totally irrelevant re shooting efficiency

nicholasgordon 2680 days ago

Well done Stephen, we`ll make a sportsman of you yet!

donabogart 2680 days ago

Crisp. I can almost taste the cold in the back of my throat. "Pull"

TrudyCraig 2680 days ago

oi! get off my land!!

AlcatFiveZeroUK 2681 days ago

i'm surprised you are involved in type of shooting well at least they were clay pigeons it look's a bit brass monkeys ! iceicles on your tackle type weather lol!

oxosbase 2681 days ago

that looks very cold, was there a wee dram to warm you up?

HoratioGreen 2681 days ago

An O and U? Stephen I am disappointed. Gentlemen such as your good self shoot with S by Ss.

whattever 2681 days ago

I hope you enjoyed it despite the cold. I have not been pigeon shooting today, I got up at 2 this afternoon and then went to get a new TV and watched IT crowd for a few hours, now I am twittering x

striped_mouse 2681 days ago

Hope you won! I'm afraid to imagine how clay pigeons are celebrating their winning

elvislesley 2681 days ago

bet you are shooting at father christmas

tobymonk 2681 days ago

Beautiful pic! Did you get 'em all?

lorna1976 2681 days ago

looks stunning stephen, brave man though in that brrrr weather, give me my jammies and sofa day in front of the fire any day lol

ruthymeg 2681 days ago

I'll swap you some brazilian heat for some of that snow! Please? I'll even throw in a dozen pigeons! You can shoot them any way you like!

will_1985 2681 days ago

Is that a Beretta shotgun?

OdileDeFraye 2681 days ago

It looks absolutely gorgious out there! It's rain rain rain in Holland..

garryq 2682 days ago

East Anglia's best kept secret: the snowy peaks of Norfolk.