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The Future... Stay Tuned CES 2010!

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1917 days ago

The Future... Stay Tuned CES 2010!


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iamwardicus 1905 days ago

dual xeon goodness right there.... If EVGA wants to give me a decked out system with one of these boards I'll make a folding rig out of it for the EVGA team :-p

ZdenekS 1907 days ago

I have something planned for this year, with about 2 times Intel I930. But such boards are more types! ASUS, Intel...
But the question which of you a servers and workstation board can not now use outside editing... video and 3D graphics.

Jtwizzle711 1911 days ago

This, and 2 5970's holy cow... Id also like t osee some cinebench with this.......... 16 threads of goodness.

putittogether 1913 days ago

Sickness, the sickness... Me love it so....

EVGA_JacobF 1913 days ago

EVGA Dual CPU Board Fact - USB3 and SATA3 are onboard!

killerhz 1915 days ago

Ya but can it play Crysis, lol. Sorry had to say that. This + Fermi= folders dream.

hale1278 1915 days ago

Nice...Power sucker lol

Gotspeed 1915 days ago

i call photo shopped lol, nice work evga

samarlian 1916 days ago

Awsome Evga always one step ahead :-)

x69MarkyMark69x 1916 days ago

drool drool!! dual i7s, cant wait!

roesdiantorrcc 1916 days ago

woow amazing....

robert3892 1916 days ago

Looks like another winner from EVGA

noob919 1916 days ago

i am scared to see the benchmarks this thing is capable of....

jpltim 1916 days ago

This board is ready for Gulftown?

BTC_Brin 1916 days ago

I hope this board has a better integrated NIC than the other EVGA X58 boards currently on the market....

frosthoe 1917 days ago

Very nice ,thanks again EVGA for creating such nice products for us !

tweexter 1917 days ago

OOhhh man I am excited. This + 2x i7 980XE + however many GTX's... Heaven...

Sling3r 1917 days ago

The photo is broke?

TheMadJack 1917 days ago

THAT is sweet!

KRYTEN451 1917 days ago

Thats is completely awsome.. and being a fan of the EVGA micro-atx 1366 product, i can't wait what might be coming in that form factor too