Going a little bit darker!!! Just a tad :)

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1804 days ago

Going a little bit darker!!! Just a tad :)


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JasmiaT 1783 days ago

UrE HaIr iS alREadY Dark aS it Can Be ???!! ...... hoW dArKer arE u GoiN !!! uRE gOnnA lUK eMO sERiOUsLy u aLReaDY lUK ok aS It iS ??!!!!

nappturalmystic 1799 days ago

the darker the berry...that's what's up

jennifersuxx 1800 days ago

LOVE ur nails and ur eyes here :)

asis_a 1800 days ago

aw cute

steph_6509 1802 days ago

I love you doll! You're the best!! You look fab!

softspoken_mel 1802 days ago

khole ur the best nd love the colour!!!

donhatecuzimfly 1803 days ago

i think if anything u should go blonde.. thats not an insult at all it would just look cute on u... and i just got my twitter and i have no followers i feel so lame tell every1 to follow me pweease!!!

veroverovero09 1803 days ago

dannng khloe your rock is big!!!! :) a little story: my sisters and i adore you, kim, and kourt. There's also 3 of us im 18, diana is 21, and liz is 22. We love you girls and when we go to cali our first stop will be DASH! Cannot wait! :)

KimStJohn01 1804 days ago

Awe super cute!! ..Would you Follow me?

carlieporter22 1804 days ago

can't wait to see the results!(:

Littlecaine 1804 days ago

Can't wait to see the final product!

jailuthe 1804 days ago

LOL Im glad Im not the only one who hangs out with Khloe in her head! I guess that makes you and I running in the same circle. :-P

metswash 1804 days ago

Where do you get your hair done?

MeliMeliss 1804 days ago

you look awesome with darker hair

gabyme21 1804 days ago

you're my favorite Kardashian

RockTique 1804 days ago

Subtle way 2show off the ring, ha! Its beautiful

BrookeCulp 1804 days ago

Can't see the hair bc the glow off that ring girl!!

Raiderette408 1804 days ago

Khloe you look SEXY!!!

Adrianacaban 1804 days ago

Your gonna still look amazing...p.s plz follow me..lol

1MeTaTa 1804 days ago

Hey khl ur my bff n my head u can go orange doll & u still will FAB im a huge fan luv u guys! Mwah...