Look what @robkardashian watches when he works out!!!! PORN!!!

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2300 days ago

Look what watches when he works out!!!! PORN!!!


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jcarandina__ 2031 days ago

he takes it off the energy of the porn in workout

jcarandina__ 2031 days ago

LMAO hahahaha

Msslicktongue 2169 days ago

I should try this :)

iBeenTheBoss 2200 days ago

iLove how they Torture Rob its Kute. [k for kardashian Pretty].lol

michaelc17652 2228 days ago

its safe as long as he isn't drinking Kris' special coffee again

michaelc17652 2228 days ago

ROTFLMAO boom chica wow wow

anisa_ara 2235 days ago


n0class_ 2262 days ago

lmao .

HisPrettyNevVTE 2262 days ago

Lol , ahahahahhahahahaha !

honeyboo818 2269 days ago

hahaha...lmao...wow...who took the picture??

JaneSirius 2271 days ago

it stabilizes the adrenaline level.lol

Charmainemayy 2277 days ago

hahaha sexyy

vizzlesquizzle 2278 days ago


Trav_TV 2279 days ago

Keeps the blood pumping.

Yannetti 2280 days ago

Thats what big sisters are for! to blow up his spot

Honulei 2282 days ago

haha. I thought it was a movie w/ Bruce in his younger days.

2kings1queen 2282 days ago


efybetancourt 2283 days ago

nice! hahahahahahahahahahaha

nanniefofannie 2290 days ago

lmao Disaster Movie!

Ohheysorina 2290 days ago